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Solo exhibition at Non Gallery// 18 feb. - 3 april 2010//

They Were Trying To Climb Against The Current //Akıntının Tersine Tırmanmaya Çalışıyorlardı – Güneş Terkol

18 Şubat – 27 Mart, 2010

“İki”den ayrıntı , kumaş üzerine dikiş, 95 cm x 96 cm , 2009
Detail from “Two” , embroidery on fabric, 95 cm x 96 cm , 2009

NON will be hosting Güneş Terkol’s second solo exhibition titled They Were Trying to Climb Against the Flow between February 17 – March 21.
* A human-girl, wandering with her clattering memory, comes upon doctors whose pupils don’t move
And at that moment she says, may the ground crack open so I can enter, I wonder what the underground world holds. Half of humankind is there, A priceless crowd flowing faster than vegetative rhythm. Trying to climb against the current.

For the exhibition, NON will be transforming its three floors into three layers of a story: like a forced transition from night to day; our state of buriedness in the world, the underground, crowds wandering above and clouds of fog with spectrums.
Crowds caught up in a …