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WHO TOLD YOU SO?! #4 Truth vs. Family

"the photographer: Studio Clack, the project and onomatopee"

“What must it be like for a little boy to read that daddy never loved mummy?” – Princes Diana Opening November 9th, 20:00 Running from November 10 - January 20 open thursday-sunday 13:00-17:00 With: Ani Eloyan (NL), Erwin van Doorn & Inge Nabuurs (NL), Erika Rothenberg (US), Gunes Terkol (TR), Jans Muskee (NL), Keren Cytter (IL), Melanie Bonajo (NL), Nadine Byrne (SE), Pedro Bakker (NL), Ronald Ophuis (NL), Sebastian Friedman (ARG). + Project specific poem by Anne van Amstel + Project specific texts by Filosofie Magazine editor Leon Heuts and Van Abbemuseum curator Annie Fletcher This fourth and last chapter of our year-long Who told you so?! program focuses on the story of Truth vs. Family. We are familiar with our families but do we know them personally, do we know them deeply? We are close, but do we come close to the sources of our neighbours’ deep wishes and needs? Can we rely on “the most natural…