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uyuma dayan! / stay with me @ Depo - İstanbul 2015

Exhibition: stay with me Opening: Tuesday 12 May, 18:30Dates: 13 May 2015 - 7 June 2015 At a point, as we were just standing there, "something" else began. We were on the streets. Side by side. We didn't even know each other, but we were side by side. We were there. We had learned to keep our doors open and in case of arrest, to post a document showing our rights on the door of the apartment, and to note the situation on every street we passed, and tweet it to one another.
This was hope itself. The spirit of solidarity, the challenge, standing side by side.
Is it possible to remember this hope?
We have to start somewhere...
Stay with me project takes from here; taking notes, documenting, drawing; remembering the hope with the association of these narrations.
The title Stay with me is chosen because it expresses a last resort when the hope is fading "hold on, don't give up". It grew as a slogan that expresses a collective effort where everyone is involved and hol…